The Parsian Bank Financial Group was registered with Iran's Office of Registration of Companies on 10 May 2014 under permit 453923. The company`s main activity is investing and management of financial service companies that complete financial value chain of bank. The company`s capital is currently IRR 2,000 billion.


Scope of Activity :
- Investing in related and subsidiary companies and strategic control on companies that active in financial service value chain.
- Investing in financial markets ( buy and sell securities of corporations that active in capital market)


Stockholders :

 Name percentage
 Parsian Bank99.99%
 Tamin Andish Pars Company0.0025%
 Caspian Computer Application Service Provider Company0.0025%
 Parsian E-Commerce Co.0.0025%
 Parsian Leasing Company0.0025%


 Board of Directors :

 Board members Representative Position Membership
 Parsian leasing Mohammad Hossein Ramezani Fokulaee Chairman of Board Dependent
 Tamin Andish Pars Company Yousef Basharkhah Board Member Independent
 Caspian Computer Application Service Provider Company Ali Rouhi Board Member Dependent
 Parsian Bank Hamidreza Rafiei CEO and Vice Chairman of Board Dependent
 Parsian E-Commerce Co. -- --Independent