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+98 21 87148

+98 21 88511683

Iran, No 25, Central West End, Between Yadegar Imam and Ashrafi Esfahani, Jalal Al Ahmad Road, Tehran, Iran

Dec 22, 2021

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Introduction :
Parsian brokerage was established in July 2005 with the nominal capital of IRR 50 billion under the registration number 23913 in Company Registration General Office of Mashhad. It received Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO)’s license on 21 December 2008. Parsian Brokerage has activated in Tehran stock exchange, over the counter (OTC) markets, energy exchange and commodity exchange and the company has 8 branches in the Iran. The company`s capital is currently IRR 200 billion. 


Services and products :
1. Presenting Personal and online trading services in the Security exchange on the TSE and OTC Markets
2. Presenting trading services by call-center
3. Portfolio management 
4. Mutual Funds Management
5. Presenting trading services in the commodity and energy exchange
6. Presenting Personal and online trading services in future and others derivative instruments
7. Education and training 
8. Presenting listing and offering advisory services
9. Stock screening and Parsian stock intelligence portfolio Softwares 


Stockholders :
 Name percentage
 Parsian Financial Group 59.99
 Parsian Lotus Investment Bank 40
 Others 0.01
 Total 100

Board of Directors :

Board membersRepresentativePositionMembership 
 Tamin Andish Pars Reza Eyvazlo Chairman of BoardIndependent
 Parsian Bank Majid Alizade Vice Chairman of BoardIndependent
Parsian Lotus Investment BankMojtaba JahangiriBoard Member
Parsian LeasingMojtaba HasanpourBoard MemberDependent
Parsian Financial Group
 Board Member