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Iran, No 53, Next to Shahid Shourideh, Next to Palestinian Crossroads, Keshavarz Blvd, Tehran, Iran

Dec 22, 2021

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Introduction :
The Khodro Savari Leasing Co. was registered with Iran's Office of Registration of Companies on 2001 under permit #81523, and is active as the one private leasing company in Iran. In 2004, it renamed to Parsian Leasing Co. The company`s Capital has been registered IRR 1,300 billion.  
Before 2004, the scope of work was only new car. After 2004, the member of board decided to increase scope of work such as
- Heavy truck
- Medical equipment
- industrial equipment
- construction, mining and construction
- Vessel Sea
- Building


Products and services :
Company scope of work Including as below:
a) Leasing operations including the provision of authorized goods requested by customers of retailers and manufacturers and transfer them via lease or installment sales under the approved leasing regulations and relevant laws.
b) The purchase and sale of securities in order to manage liquidity requirements I.A.W the approved leasing regulations relevant laws.
Note: the company not allowed to purchase any stock of the bank or credit union.
c) To participate in the financing of any company -with or without the participation- that directly or indirectly in the leasing activities is useful and necessary. 


Stockholders :
 Name percentage
 Parsian Financial Group69
 Total 100

Board of Directors :

 Board members Representative Position Membership
 Parsian BankAhmad Javidi Gharaje
CEO and Board Member
Parsian Exchange
Nader Khajeh HaghverdiVice Chairman of Board Independent 
 Caspian Computer Application Service ProviderMohsen AsadianBoard Member
 Parsian Financial GroupMahdi SeydiChairman of Board
 Amin Parsian Insurance serviceMohsen Mashayekhi
Board MemberIndependent